SAAS FEE 2018 – WEEK 4

Every week the Peak Leaders have an action packed schedule and this week was no different. They combined shadowing with Khandahar race club, freestyle training with Marco and also managed to explore some of Saas Fee’s amazing scenery.

It’s great to get out and explore the nature on your doorstep and that’s exactly what a few of the trainees did mid-week. After a full-on hike the view from the top of the mountain is a great reward for all the effort. Geordie got an amazing photo of Juliette looking down the valley to Saas Fee.

Both groups have a day with Marco to learn the basics of freestyle from learning to ski switch, ollie over obstacles to nailing 180s, 360s and beyond! The trainees threw themselves (literally) at the new tasks and everyone learnt loads of new tricks to take away and practice. I’m sure the park will be busy with Peak Leaders trying out their new routines very soon! Felix even managed to combine an epic jump with an awesome photo of the group too!

In fact, both Hudson and Felix have definitely spent some time in the park before so they had some awesome tricks up their sleeves already! Here is a video of Hudson showing off his mad skills on the rails!

This week the Peak Leaders mainly focused on shadowing real world ski school lessons, which is an important part of learning to become a ski instructor. Developing group management skills as well as improving upon your own technical skiing and understanding is vital. As usual the trainees had a blast and learnt loads from shadowing the Khandahar coaches and working with their groups of race kids.

So far conditions up on the Glacier have been amazing but it’s still been quite warm in town and has felt like autumn as we near towards November. Now all of that is about to change! There is a lot of snow forecast for the next few days which will mean that there should be loads of amazing snow to ski and even more of the resort can open up. Everyone can’t wait!

Crazy to think that the course is nearly half way but that’s because the Peak Leaders have so much to do each day and so each week files by! Now the BASI level 1 is complete and we have a batch of new ski instructors, the Peak Leaders need to turn their attention to BASI level 2 and focus on training hard for their next exam …