SAAS FEE 2018 – WEEK 6

Another week has flown by in Saas-Fee and the Peak Leaders are edging closer to the BASI Level 2 exam. Saas-Fee has been hit by some crazy snow storms this week leaving us with stacks of snow both up the hill and even down in town, winter is definitely here!

As an awesome new addition to the course this year the Peak Leaders have had the opportunity to develop their skiing off the snow with some indoor skiing. So when the weather strikes (as it can do in any glacial resort in autumn) the Peak Leaders team have the perfect solution up their sleeve.

Saas-Fee is the only mountain resort to have an indoor rolling carpet for skiing, which gives us a great opportunity to develop the trainees’ movement patterns so they can perfect their turns on snow. It’s a great facility, and lots of the international teams coming to train here use it to perfect and fine-tune their technique.

There is, of course, no replacement for being out on the mountain on real snow, but that’s something Saas-Fee always has plenty of!

Thanks to the recent snowfalls a whole bunch of new pistes have opened up the mountain and we can now ski from 3500m all the way down to 2500m altitude. This has given us a huge variety of terrain for training! Best of all though, the pistes are completely empty, so we are pretty much skiing in a private resort which is amazing!

Also, this week the trainees discovered that Saas-Fee hosts (probably!) the only mountain-based camel in the world … yes you heard that right! Who knew camels could survive living at 1800m above sea level, living in the snow at least half of the year. So once news got out about this camel, the peak leaders had to pay him a visit!

With only a week to go until the beginning of their instructor Level 2 exam the trainees are looking ahead to the upcoming winter season and where they want to spend the season. It’s really cool to see that everyone has different options for places to work and a huge variety too; from the USA to Japan and even Poland!

Check back next week to see how the trainees get on with their final preparations for the two week BASI Level 2 exam that awaits!