SAAS FEE 2018 – WEEK 7

Wow, 7 weeks have now passed and the coaches Jake and Will have been making the final preparations on the hill with the trainees before sending them off onto their BASI level 2 exam next week.

It has been an very productive week and we have seen some fantastic changes in everyone’s skiing and teaching performances which is great to see with next week’s exam looming close.

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Yet again we have been treated to incredible conditions, with bluebird days everyday and literally the most perfect winter snow possible. This is one of the reasons we love Saas Fee for this course as these fantastic conditions allow the trainees to make really quick changes to their skiing and get a real feel for higher performance in their skiing.

This is the view from the top one morning, looking down to Italy in the distance!

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The highlight of this week though, had to be ‘race day’! On Wednesday, the coaches arranged a private piste for the trainees and set out a Giant Slalom race course for them to rip through. Skiing gates is a really good way to develop your skiing, but most importantly, it’s really fun!!

Things obviously got highly competitive and soon Jake and Will were timing the trainees to see who could master the course and claim bragging rights for the rest of the week. There was a few contenders but Felix came out on top with an awesome run!

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So this week’s main focus was our trainees’ own skiing performances in both the demonstrations of low and high-end skiing but we also made time to practice their teaching skills too! The trainees are now fully prepared to tackle the level 2 exam over the next two weeks, before they head off around the world to share their passion for skiing as ski instructors for the first time!