VERBIER 2018-19 – WEEK 3

Week 3 is exam week! The Peak Leaders have been training for 2 weeks and now it’s time for them to put all their hard work into practice. The trainees have been working each day to improve both their own skiing and teaching. This dedicated bunch even found time on the weekend to go out and practice delivering teaching sessions!

The BASI level 1 and 2 exams are a mix of showing high levels of individual technical skiing and delivering high quality lessons. After all, this is what is expected of the Peak Leaders when they qualify as instructors, so it makes sense they practice this. A lot! Even so there is always time for a drink after a hard day’s work on the slope. A beer always tastes better when it has been well earnt…just ask Joe, James and Greg!

The level 1 is a tough week and so it’s important that the groups are there for one another. Anyone can have a bad day. Fortunately this group of Peak Leaders have integrated amazingly and even though there are 29 of them they all get on well and are there for one another if one person needs some support. Go team!

Verbier is an amazing place and so far on the course the weather has been awesome. Whilst we’ve had great snowfall there have also been a lot of sunny days. Towards the end of the week the clouds came in again but that’s a good sign…more snow on the way!

Well done to all of the Peak Leaders for completing the BASI level 1 exam. It’s a long week and at the end of it everyone likes to relax and unwind over a few drinks. The Farinet bar in Verbier plays live music and is one of the Peak Leaders favourite places to celebrate!