VERBIER 2018-19 – WEEK 7

And the snow just keeps on coming! Not that anyone here is complaining about that – Maddie, Orlando and Will look very excited about the next big storm to hit Verbier!

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And it’s perfect timing as well as the Peak Leaders have their off piste days with coaches Will and Jake. Verbier is world famous for it’s off piste and so it’s great that the Peak Leaders have the chance to get out and try it first hand. Before that though they go through how to use all the safety equipment (transceiver, shovel and probe) as there is no point having it all without knowing how to use it.

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After the safety skills have been worked on the groups set out in search of powder and the amazing conditions recently mean that it’s pretty easy to hunt down. I think it’s fair to say that all of the Peak Leaders loved the powder days and it’s something that they’ll want to return to when it snows again. Which looks very soon as this amazing season continues!

So after the off piste days the groups refocus to concentrate on their technical skiing and teaching skills. The exams are getting closer now and the Peak Leaders are a committed bunch who work hard to develop their own individual skills.

Each weekend during the course there are activities organised and this weekend is especially important as it’s a full moon – which means sledging! So the Peak Leaders, and coaches Will and Jake, headed up to the restaurant 1936 for a Fondue and then a sledge back down!

Most people got the bus up to Carrefour and then walked across the piste but a few intrepid explorers ski toured up the piste and so felt they’d definitely earned a massive amount of cheese after an hour of exercise!

Once everyone was sat down in the restaurant all the Peak Leaders became Fondue experts in no time. Check out Charlie and Sam showing us how it is done!

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And so after the meal the main event kicked off! Everyone lined up on the piste to sledge back down to Medran. Who won…er no one really knows but Charlie and Jonah claimed victory loudest so it was probably them…