VERBIER 2018-19 – WEEK 8

Guest coach Rupert Goldring (BASI trainer and legend!) joined coaches Will and Emma this week for the final week of Peak Leaders training. Over the course the trainees ski with a number of top quality coaches so that they have the best possible chance to learn all they can about how to improve their own technical skiing and teaching skills.

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Over the past 8 weeks the Peak Leaders have of course been training to improve their own skiing and teaching but they’ve also had the chance to try out other awesome types of skiing. Freestyle with Marco, off piste with Will and Jake and, this week each of the Peak Leaders got a taste of what it’s like to be on a race course!

The coaches set and ran 2 Giant Slalom courses so that each person could have some practice runs and get some technical feedback and then, all importantly, put down a time!

As well as being a really cool thing to try out this is excellent training for the Peak Leaders, both technically and psychologically. Technically it really helps with their carved turns and psychologically it is really helpful so that each trainee can get used to mentally preparing before each run. This is a skill that is essential for the upcoming BASI level 2 exam but is often neglected. Concentrating on each run is vital and so learning the best way to focus is essential.

The conditions for the course have been fantastic and the trainees have had amazing snow and that topped off with Verbier’s amazing scenery have meant there have been some spectacular days!

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And so after 8 weeks of Peak Leaders training all the trainees get themselves ready for the BASI level 2 exam. It’s been an intense course, with lots going on, so now each person must gather himself or herself for one last big push.

The exam is tough but everyone has worked extremely hard to put themselves in the best possible place to give it their best shot. All that practice, on and off the slopes, is now going to be put to the test.

So, all that remains is for us to wish them all the Peak Leaders the best of luck…and to go out there and smash it!