Peak Leaders are back in Bariloche, Argentina! And right on cue the snow started falling for days on end.

The massive storms mean that conditions in the resort of Cerro Catedral have been given the best possible start, many locals are even saying that they haven’t seen this much snow for over 20 years and it’s due to snow even more soon!

The snow also meant that a lot of flights were delayed but after some epic journeys all the Peak Leaders arrived safe and sound to the perfectly located hotel we have at the Refugio del Lago, just on the shores of lake Gutiérrez.

And so eventually when the snow finally stopped falling and the clouds cleared the Peak Leaders were rewarded with perfect pistes and sunny blue skies!

The first few days of the Peak Leaders course are always very intense as everyone gets to know each other and the local area but soon the resort starts to make sense and the group realise that they’re all in Argentina for the same reason.

To have an amazing time learning to become a BASI instructor and also spend eight unforgettable weeks exploring a new country and meeting loads of new people!

This week the trainees have had four full days of technical training with Element coach Jake and a freestyle day with local coach Rodrigo. The team threw themselves (literally!) at the freestyle day with some amazing results. Finn attempted 7 backflips and landed…7 backflips! He’s got that one down! Alex so nearly nailed a 360 but instead coined a new trick of his own. The 357! Look out for it, everyone will be trying it out this season…

So the latest Peak Leaders team have settled in nicely to their new home for the next two months and the first week has been the perfect combination of ideal pistes and weather. Now, the team are looking forward to 7 more epic weeks of skiing at Cerro Catedral! And apparently there’s even more snow on the way very soon…