The conditions at Cerro Catedral have been epic up the mountain for our last week of training!

The hero piste’s have been in great shape and the team have been loving ripping up the fresh corduroy each morning!

Plus, this has given us the perfect training ground to practice and develop everyone’s technical skiing before the BASI Level 1 exam starting next week!

Over the course programme it’s really important that everyone develops different skills in all areas of skiing so that they can evolve in to well-rounded skiers.

Last week we organised a race training day where everyone was pushed to their limits hurtling down the mountain.

This amazing day was led by Ivan, our ex-olympian Giant Slalom racer, who sets the course and gates for race day. Everyone had the time of their lives and found their competitive edge…

At the start of the day everyone helped Ivan carry the gates and set up the course.

This was an awesome insight and learning experience of how to do this and what line down the mountain is the fastest.

After a quick inspection run the Peak Leaders were ready to go and the fact that they are being timed added to the excitement and competition.

The Freestyle, race training, and off-piste days are not only great fun but also a brilliant opportunity to experience different disciplines and have the opportunity to develop new skills while building on existing ones too.

For example, the race day most obviously allows the Peak Leaders to work on their carving skills but also their co-ordination, timing, plus it is a great psychological challenge too.

Plus, it gives them a unique experience of what it’s like to be in a Giant Slalom race course … just like the World Cup Pros!

So, a big thanks to Ivan for working so hard to make it such an awesome and memorable day.

And just like that, in a flash, we are half way through the course…

The Peak Leaders team have now completed their four weeks of training with Jake – a massive thanks to him for preparing and training them so hard for their exams!

Now for the next four weeks they will be trained by BASI trainer James Bennet. During this time, they will complete the BASI Level 1 exam, have a further week of training and then take the BASI Level 2 exam.

So, it’s time to buckle down, train hard, and ski every run like it’s your last!

Our Argentina course is unique in many ways … but one of them is that the Peak Leaders are able to ski with a BASI trainer for four weeks continuously. This is an amazing opportunity for them to learn, practice and develop under the watchful eye of a one of the best coaches in the industry!

Good luck to the whole team starting their BASI Level 1 next week! Smash it!!!!