Game time!

And just like that 7 weeks of training on the Peak Leaders Saas Fee Gap course have flown by and the trainees are ready to tackle the BASI level 2 exam. Over the past 2 months they have all worked incredibly hard so now it’s time to step up and put it all into practice!

During the two week BASI exam the trainers work hard to improve the trainees and get them to the level 2 standard.

The exam isn’t just about assessment (although of course that is important) – it’s also about the trainers working with all of the Peak Leaders to get them to realise their full potential.

Good technical skiing and an ability to deliver high quality lessons are what the trainers are looking for in the trainees and these skills are what the ski instructor training course is focused on.

However there are loads of other skills that the Peak Leaders have worked on over the course as well.

BASI ski gap course exams

Whether it is weekly fitness and strength sessions, Freestyle skiing, race days or video analysis the trainees have left no stone unturned!

So congratulations to all the Peak Leaders for working so hard over the 9 weeks and all of the coaches wish them well on their next adventures.

A lot of people are going to some amazing locations all over the world – Japan, America and Switzerland. The class of 2019 has been a vintage year and now their ski instructor adventures are just starting!