The first two weeks of training are complete and it is time for the trainees to tackle the BASI level 1 exam!

Over the past two weeks all of the trainees have worked really hard to prepare for the week long assessment of their technical and teaching skills.

And whilst the week is an exam it’s also a great opportunity for all of the Verbier Peak Leaders to learn loads from highly skilled and qualified BASI trainers.

Verbier skiing GAP course

The beginning of every GAP course can be very hectic as people are getting to grips with a totally new routine but all of the Peak Leaders have settled in to Verbier.

As usual the group has quickly worked out the best places to ski on their days off – and the best bars to hang out in for Apres…

The season so far has been an amazing mix of snowy days and clear, cold days. A perfect combination for training.

The Level 1 exam is a test of the trainees technical capabilities and teaching skills.

For the first two weeks they have been learning about how to improve their own ski technique as well as how to teach potential clients.

After all, the point of this course is to end up with a qualification that will allow Peak Leaders to apply for ski instructor jobs.

The exam is over 5 days and on the Friday the trainers give the results to the trainees. Some people pass first go whilst others need a bit more time.

But whichever it is, everyone always gives their all and ends up celebrating a tough week on Friday evening!

Well done to all the Verbier Peak Leaders for completing the BASI Level 1 exam.