With the level 1 BASI exam done and dusted, our trainees have been turning their attention to the next stage over the past few weeks.

It’s been a busy schedule including shadowing, training, freestyle and off-piste days!

After some time off to relax and enjoy the Christmas and New year celebrations, the trainees were straight back into some more on-snow training and also shadowing some real ski lessons.

As part of their BASI instructor qualifications, our newly qualified instructors have to observe (and help out with) some real ski lessons. This is where they have opportunity to watch ski lessons taking place and get a feel for what ski instructing is really like – as well as pinch some ideas for their own teaching…



One of coolest things about being in Verbier, is its world renowned off-piste terrain and conditions. So during this training block, our coaches took the opportunity to train the Peak Leaders on off-piste safety, as well as taking them exploring deep into the 4 valleés. Check out this little secret spot in the backcountry…



Not only is Verbier home to some of the best skiing in the world, it is also home to the ski brand ‘Faction’. A few weeks ago Faction showcased their latest ski movie at the cinema in Verbier, with many of their pro-riders attending, it offered some cool ski inspiration for our trainees!

During the after party drinks at Pub Mont Fort, Izzy was lucky enough to win a brand new set of Faction skis! 5 names were drawn out of a hat, they were tasked with a ‘wall sit’ face-off to see who would win the skis. Nine minutes later, Izzy came out triumphant with a new set of skis in her hands.



In addition to the normal training schedule on snow covering the key elements of the BASI level 2 exam, the trainees also enjoyed a day each with Marco the freestyle coach.

This is always a highlight of the course where Marco coaches them how to perform both flat-land freestyle tricks and also how to approach the jumps in the park. Here’s Harrie sending it on the big kicker…



So, after a super productive training block, with some brilliant changes in the trainee’s skiing and teaching skills, the whole team are now ready to take on the level 2 instructor exam.

We wish them luck!