VERBIER 2019-20 – WEEKS 9 & 10: THE BASI LEVEL 2

Game time!

So now we are at the business end of the course.

The Peak Leaders have all worked extremely hard over the past 8 weeks building up to the BASI level 2 exam. The exam is a 10 day course run over two weeks with the middle weekend off and it is a test of the trainees technical skiing skills and their coaching capabilities.

However the examiners are not just there to assess trainees, they spend a lot of time over the two weeks trying to develop each person so that they get the best possible chance to deliver high quality lessons and ski to their maximum potential.

Here’s BASI trainer Alessandro, ready to go, in his shiny new uniform!



Tackling BASI exams involves a lot of hard work and preparation but there are just somethings that you cannot control.

What sort of weather and snow conditions you get on your exam are extremely variable so everyone should be ready for anything!

Having well serviced skis and sharp edges can be the difference between a good run or a bad run, but sometimes there’s just so much snow you have to stay strong, grit your teeth and work for each turn! Like this…



The Peak Leaders courses are specifically designed so that the trainees get as much time as possible to hone their skills on snow.

Most obviously that is technical training and learning how to teach skiers however the Peak Leaders also develop new skiing skills via race training, off piste days, free style sessions and loads more.

All of the courses are built around the ethos that trainees learn the most when they are interested, engaged and enjoying an amazing experience!

And what better place to enjoy it in than here?



And so another Peak Leaders course comes to a close and after 10 weeks all of the trainees can hold their heads high and be proud of what they have achieved. The results are given out by the examiners on the hill.

Some people pass the exam first time whilst others need to train a bit more to reach the required standard. Whatever the result, the Peak Leaders all head for a drink at Pub Mont Fort to congratulate and commiserate each other.

Half term is just around the corner and so many of the Peak Leaders will be working as qualified ski instructors in Verbier. Congratulations to all of the Verbier Peak Leaders 2019/20.

Thanks for being a great bunch and good luck in your future Snowsports careers!