The world has been turned upside down in the last few months as everyone comes to terms with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, as you can imagine, at Peak Leaders we have been paying very close attention to see how the pandemic will impact our courses and what we can do to make sure our trainees and our team stay safe – but also to make sure that anyone booking on a course is protected financially and medically.

Just read below to find out more about our Swiss courses and our new deposit refund policy.





The Coronavirus has been a fast moving situation, and whilst it has been severe we are also confident the changes to travel and free movement will return.

We certainly have a long time before the Saas Fee course begins at the end of September, and we have even longer before we start skiing in Verbier. So we expect things to keep changing – and improving – over the summer months.

As you might already know, we are based in Verbier and so we have first hand access to information about the situation here – including medical and government advice. We are also in regular contact with the team at the Park Hotel in Saas Fee to monitor developments there.

In fact the Swiss health system has been coping well and the Swiss people have been approaching the lockdown here in a sensible and responsible way. In fact the lockdown is not as tight as other countries like France, Austria, the UK and Spain.

The government acted fast and generally speaking Switzerland has not seen the acceleration in cases that was seen in Italy. The Swiss-Italian areas were effected more acutely simply due to the number of cross border workers there, but cases here in Valais have been far, far lower.

The result of all this is that we are planning for business as usual on the Saas Fee courses and in Verbier.

For the Saas Fee course information just click here and for the Verbier course information just click here.





To make sure you don’t have to take a gamble with your deposits we will refund any deposit that we receive from you if you are unable to attend your course due to government travel advice or an unexpected continuation of lockdown in your home country.

Our deposits are 10% of the course fee and normally not refundable, but these are unusual times and we have changed our policy accordingly.

If restrictions make attending your original course impossible we can also transfer your deposit to another course the same year and usually to a course the following year.

That means that you can book your place, pay your deposit and start planning for your course – all without the fear that you will lose your deposit.

We would also like to point out that having comprehensive travel insurance has never been more important – so make sure that your potential insurer covers you for your course and travel, including cancelation and curtailment cover.