Verbier Ski Gap course

If you think we only love Verbier for its famous nightlife, great restaurants and fancy hotels then think again!

Beyond the swagger and glamour of Verbier town, you’ll find some of the most varied, challenging and staggering terrain any resort in the world can offer.

Here in Verbier we have 400km of piste skiing, as well as a huge playground of backcountry skiing – we couldn’t think of a better place to run our ski instructor training courses.



Verbier piste training BASI courses

With our Peak Leaders ski instructor course spanning 10 weeks we have plenty of time to explore the whole of the Verbier 4 valleys ski area.

The area is so vast you can literally spend all day exploring without skiing the same run twice! And because our coaches know Verbier inside out, they can show you all the little secret spots that no one else goes to.

But not only is the piste skiing expansive, there is also huge variety of listed terrain for perfecting your turns. So you can cruise into your BASI level 1 and level 2 brimming with confidence.

We have some fantastic easy blue runs to develop new movements and build confidence, followed by steeper more challenging red and black pistes to move towards as your skills improve.



Verbier Ski instructor training off piste

Although much of the skiing required for the BASI ski instructor courses is piste-focussed, we believe it is super important to mix this up with a good dose of off-piste skiing and itinerary skiing.

Fortunately Verbier features literally world renowned itinerary runs such as Tortin, Gentianes and Eteygeon (better known as Mash).

Imagine, whole valleys specifically marked out and avalanche controlled, purely for the enjoyment of skiing off-piste.

With over 1500m of vertical descent these itineraries provide the perfect playground for you to develop your skiing in variable, off-piste conditions.



Off piste training in Verbier

By no means are we limited to itineraries. Verbier has a huge amount more if you explore a bit further…

For the more adventurous (and experienced) off-piste skiers, Verbier features some of the most easily accessible, yet challenging terrain in the world.

From the narrow, rocky, 45 degree Attelas couloirs to the backside of Mont Fort and Mont Gele, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Of course on a Peak Leaders course you’re with a highly qualified expert at all times, so you’re in the safest possible hands off-piste.

During the course you’ll receive training to help you to learn about the off-piste environment: developing the technical skills to ski the terrain as well as learning the safety skills that are vital when you leave the marked ski area.

(Needless to say nobody should be heading to the backcountry alone, so we insist all trainees only go with one of our hugely experienced coaches).

But it is no coincidence that Verbier is home for many of the world’s top freeride skiers and snowboarders.

It really is an endless Freeride area where – even after years skiing here – we keep stumbling across new, amazing runs…



Verbier Gap courses
So why do we run a course here and why do we love Verbier?

In short because it’s amazing. From start to finish: the town, the views, the snow and fundamentally some of the best terrain you can find anywhere.

In fact you shouldn’t surprised to hear that we like Verbier so much it’s now the home of Peak Leaders, and all of our coaches are based here too.

So we look forward to sharing our Verbier playground with you this winter and showing you why we’ve made Verbier our home…