Update 2/11/2020

This post was written before the Swiss restructured the quarantine system here. So these quarantine plans no longer apply, but we are leaving the post up so that you can see what we can arrange in the event of something like quarantine.




Switzerland has been adding countries to its quarantine list for the last few weeks.

So we have been watching closely and waiting to see if they keep to the ten day quarantine or adapt it by including tests – and reducing the time you need to spend in quarantine.

Naturally we don’t want to ask people to change travel plans if the Swiss change the quarantine a few days later.

But we think that, whilst it’s still possible that quarantine will change, it is best to plan for it staying the same and arrange the quarantine plans with trainees.

So if you’re joining us on the course starting in November there are two possible scenarios that we’ve covered below – but we are also keen to talk to everyone to answer any questions and solve any problems.

But first here’s some of our thinking behind the quarantine plan.



Verbeir quarantine plans



It’s obvious that we can’t just put everyone in the normal accommodation.

To be inside for the full ten days with a large number of new people would be intense to say the least.

Plus the law requires you to stay in your apartment or room. The Peak Leaders accommodation has been chosen for quality and location – not for 10 days of self-isolation.

So we have better solutions.

We also don’t think that everyone should arrive as normal and spend the first ten days missing coaching and quarantining.

It’s not impossible, but would effectively shorten the course and be tricky with exam dates. But, if this is how you have to do things, we can adapt your training.

With all this in mind, we have created three packages to allow early arrival and have plans in place for everyone.

The focus is on a safe and supported start to the winter. This will include regular support and visits from our team, with off-snow coaching and fitness training throughout your quarantine.



Verbier brilliant quarantine options



If you can come early then we think this is the best solution.

If quarantine gets shortened then you’ll simply be able to start skiing sooner. And one of our coaches will happily take you up so show you around when the lifts start running.

We have been assured that people can quarantine together as a “household”. This means that you start together and you leave together.

(If someone presents symptoms you would all need to stay together and follow medical advice – but it’s highly unlikely.)

Meanwhile if your flight options mean you need to arrive before the 18th please let us know. It’s still possible to join a quarantine package but you will probably need to be in a separate “household”.

To keep it simple we have three packages for you to choose from, and we have organised these to be as affordable as possible.



Mont Gele



950 CHF


Stay in the brilliant Mont Gele and get food delivered to your room. You’ll have use of the large balcony and stay in the heart of Verbier.

Isla runs the Mont Gele and will be on hand to help with everything for your stay.

Rooms are twins and triples but occupancy depends on how many trainees book.




500 CHF

– FULL -*

We are offering the Mondzue apartments for a reduced number of trainees so everyone gets privacy and space.

You will need to cook for yourselves and we will arrange a shop for you. The apartments have balcony space but no garden.

*If you are keen to go self-catered we can still potentially arrange a studio in Le Chable – please get in touch for details




850* CHF


The chalet is in the valley below Verbier and is brilliantly located for ten days isolation.

It’s a spacious arrangement with twin rooms and a large outdoor space.

Rooms would be shared with twin and bunk options, whilst Jess and Eric look after you and arrange catering.

*Price updated to include lunches.


Here’s what the amended schedule would look like if you can arrive early (click to enlarge):




We know that trainees have been planning this well in advance.

So, if you simply can’t move your flights or you have work commitments, then we can adapt to this.

You will need to quarantine away from the other trainees and we will arrange for an option for you to do that – the details will depend on numbers.

Here’s what the amended schedule would look like if you arrived on the planned start date(click to enlarge):

Normal arrival quarantine schedule




If you are doing the train-only package and need to quarantine then you will need to check the accommodation is available for you to arrive early.

Factor in the Swiss rules – you need to stay inside your house for ten days. If you have a garden you can get some fresh air, but you can’t go shopping and you can’t go into the community.

So we are very happy to arrange things directly with you so that you can fulfil all the legal requirements, but also have someone to help with shopping and logistics.

Crucially if you are unable to stay in your season accommodation (or if you simply don’t want to), we can also offer you the packages for the catered trainees above or help find a solution that works for you.




We are determined to make sure your course is an amazing experience and you will be supported all the way – not just through quarantine but throughout your course: on the hill, with the off-snow sessions, with fitness training, French lessons, employment advice and much, much more.

It’s ten days before a course that lasts ten weeks – and perhaps you’ll be staying all winter.

So we look forward to seeing you in Verbier soon – it might be our strangest start to a Peak Leaders course, but we are certain it will be amazing.