Small group sizes in Verbier






You probably already know that at Peak Leaders we have always been committed to quality.

And that’s never been more true than when we plan our on-snow coaching.

That’s why we have so many BASI Examiners in our coaching team.

But this season we are reducing group sizes.

Here’s why we’re doing it and what you can expect to change.



Will Peek BASI Trainer



Up until now we have had a maximum of ten trainees in a group.

This was largely driven by the fact that the examining body, BASI, have had a maximum of ten trainees in any exam.

So that meant that – depending on the number of trainees on a course – it normally worked out that we would usually have between eight and ten trainees per coach.

But for a few years we have run extra coaching to help trainees catch up if they are struggling to meet the criteria. And these groups were often smaller.

The fact is that the smaller the group size, the more face-to-face feedback that trainees get.

And that means getting better results on the hill.



Ski instructor training in small groups



We have been looking at different ways to increase the face-to-face time trainees get with their coaches.

We have looked at floating coaches moving between groups as well as extra training in smaller groups mentioned above.

So when BASI spoke to us this summer and told us that they were reducing exam group sizes, we were really interested in the change.

We agreed that it was a good idea to increase quality and it was a move that would push pass rates even higher.

So starting this winter in Verbier all of our exams will be in groups of no more than eight, plus all of our training groups will be a maximum of eight per coach too.



Verbier small gap course groups



Well, since you ask…

We have some great news and the Peak Leaders coaching team has grown, so now we have a total of six BASI examiners coaching our trainees.

So you really are in the best possible hands when it comes to improving your skiing, passing your BASI exams and having the best possible time on the mountain.

To meet them just click below or get in touch for a chat.