Verbier spring gap course





When you think about skiing it’s easy to imagine freezing weather and blizzards.

But there’s a lot more to the ski season than that…

Which is precisely why we run a course from February through to April – so you get the best of both worlds.

You get the powder days and heavy snow falls, but you also get to enjoy the amazing sunshine and you can work on a cracking goggle tan.

Plus the February course is cheaper than our early season and mid-winter courses.

What’s not to like?




The course follows our usual format taking the BASI Level 1 and Level 2 exams but during a nine week training schedule.

You’ll be put through your paces by the experts, working on developing your technical skiing to transform your performance, whilst working on your theoretical understanding to develop your teaching skills.

You also get chance to explore the backcountry and learn about avalanche safety as well as get a day in the park working on your freestyle.

Our team of expert coaches will help you develop your skiing and keep improving whilst you work towards the exam criteria.

Meanwhile you’ll be staying at the excellent Mont Gele or Chalet Venus, both right by the main lifts – and as they have cracking south-facing balconies you can relax and enjoy the evening sun after a hard day on the hill.





The seasons can change fast in the mountains, so during our February course you can get heavy snowstorms or baking hot sunny days – you never know what to expect.

One of the best parts of skiing in the spring is the “spring snow”. This is the term we use to describe the snow created by the freeze-thaw process. As the temperatures plummet at night the wet snow freezes and then heats up fast during the day.

The result is a predictable melting of the surface snow giving a brilliant velvety slushy layer that’s great fun to ski. It’s perfect for off-piste meaning you can predict the type of snow by the time of day and the direction of the slope.

It also means that the pistes might be solid first thing in the morning but as the sun comes round they begin to soften and are great fun to ski.

The warm days have another benefit too – slushy moguls. Definitely the best snow to practice and play in the bumps.

But don’t think it’s only about the slush – check out the powder days from last season in March and April…





It’s not only a great time to enjoy the mountains whilst you ski and explore, it’s also a cheaper time of the year. Which means your course is cheaper.

Because once you get past the peak weeks at New Year and early February, the resort enters a new, more chilled out phase as the crowds thin out.

Which is why the accommodation gets cheaper – and the February course benefits from that.

So the February course is 9’200 CHF instead of 10’700 CHF. It’s a big saving.

Plus in late February the spring sales usually kick off in the shops, so there are also a few extra bargains to be found in the shops, too…

So if you want to work on your skiing (and your tan), become a better skier and maybe plan to work full-time teaching next season, then the February course could be perfect for you.




If you’d like to find out more or join us this spring, then just get in touch.

We’re looking forward too another great season, and if you ask the coaches they all agree that the second half of the ski season is definitely under-rated and our favourite time to ski and explore.





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