What’s not included?


We like to be 100% transparent about our courses so that you know exactly what you’re going to get when you book your place.

Of course, that means we’re very keen to make sure you are completely aware what isn’t included when you book. That said, all of our packages include a huge amount of training and extras, but there are a couple of things we don’t arrange.

So we’ve put together a check list of things that you need to be aware of. And if you have any questions we are always happy to chat with you on the phone or via email to make sure you’re 100% ready for the course.

Of course each course is different so please read the details below as well as see what’s listed in the Packages page of the course…





When you book a course you are responsible for arranging flights (if you need them).

We don’t include any travel packages outside of resort – because our trainees can come from anywhere, from the UK to Australia to Argentina…

So your flights, trains and airport transfers aren’t included.



It is always the trainees responsibility to have the correct insurance.

This needs to cover medical expenses, accidental injury, evacuation from the mountain, off-piste skiing, repatriation and third party liability.

We strongly recommend you also have cancelation and/or curtailment cover as well was cover for your personal possessions.




Lift passes in Verbier vary a lot depending on your age, when you buy them and if you want the additional insurance.

So, to keep things simple, we chose to remove lift passes from the Verbier course prices and reduce the course prices.

It’s easy to buy your lift pass yourself really easily via the lift company website, but if you want we can still buy it for you and just add it to your course fee.

However Saas Fee courses include lift passes.





Your lunch is not included on any courses – simply because people want different things when they’re training. Some people want a hot meal, some want sandwiches and some want to prepare their own because of dietary requirements. So we give you that flexibility.

We almost always have deals on the mountain or in resort to make this easier, and we can always recommend the budget you need to allow.



Our courses offer most of your evening meals during the week, but all courses have a few days that aren’t catered – see the resort Packages pages for full details.

On days when you aren’t catered most trainees like to go out as a group and have dinner together – a pizza or a burger in resort.

As always we often have deals and can always make recommendations. Just ask your mentor.



You need to have your own skis, boots poles and ski clothing – we strongly recommend that you have your own rather than rental equipment and we’re very happy to advise you.

You also get a huge range of deals and discounts when you book, just look at the Pro-deal section of the Members Area.


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