Course options


We like to keep things simple, so we offer three main types of course.

Naturally, we’re always keen to help create a package that works perfectly for you, so if you’re looking for something a bit different – maybe starting late or finishing the course early because of other commitments – then just get in touch.

But generally speaking there are three course options and we’ve created this page so you can read a little more – and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.





These are our most popular courses – a catered course that includes accommodation and everything except you spending money, equipment and travel.

You’ll stay in the Peak Leaders accommodation in resort and take part in all the training on-snow and off-snow.

The accommodation is only for the duration of the course and depending on your resort your lift pass might be valid for the season or finish when the course finishes – just check in the resort page for details.

The catered option is the most popular option for trainees and the one most people are looking for. An all inclusive package that give you the best possible experience with the minimum hassle.



Sometimes people are looking for an alternative option – perhaps you want to stay with people you know in resort, of maybe you have arranged accommodation for the entire winter season and it makes sense to stay in that accommodation from the start.

It’s also a popular option if you fancy having your own place relax in after a hard day training on the hill…

So we offer an option on some courses for you to do just that – arrange the accommodation, food and laundry yourself and just book on the course for the coaching, exams and lift pass (and of course for the legendary quiz night…).

It’s not an option in all resorts but it’s getting more and more popular so if you’re interested just ask.

Training-only is also sometimes a good choice for people with very specific dietary requirements who like to cook for themselves to be sure things are done exactly how they like them.



If you have the BASI 1 already, and want to take your BASI 2, then we sometimes offer shortened training options where you can join our team, get coached before the exam and then take the exam with the rest of the Peak Leaders trainees.

These options are often priced in Swiss Francs and are usually a week of training then the exam. We will also often have a catered or a training-only option.

If you want to train more then get in touch and we would be very happy to help create a personalised package.

Of course, if you just want to book the exam only we can arrange that – and again you can choose to go training-only and simply book the exam with us – or we can often create a catered package for you as well. This might include your lift pass depending on resort.


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