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Once you’ve completed your course then you’re probably going to want to start teaching.

So what happens next?

Well you have a number of options. But really it all starts well before your course ends, because before and throughout your course your trainers and mentors will have been helping you make applications to ski schools to place you in a job for the winter.

You might be doing a pre-season course and thinking about going anywhere in the world, or perhaps you’re joining our Verbier course and you are keen to stay in resort and teach until the spring.

But wherever you’re going, the ball will already be rolling.

Naturally different nationalities have different requirements, and our expertise is with EU and British trainees. But we’re very happy to advise and let you know what our experiences have been with arranging Visas for all kinds of nationalities.

On the other hand you might have enjoyed the exams so much that you’re desperate to start your BASI Level 3. And that’s something we can help with too, as we also run extended instructor training through Element Ski School in Verbier.

This page has been written to give you an idea of just some of the options available to you after you qualify and finish the course.

And remember when you book on a course you will get access to the Members’ Area which is overflowing with information about getting a job with our partner ski schools, plus lots of other contact information for jobs all over the world.




If you are a UK passport holder then getting work is more complex after Brexit.

The BASI qualification is still highly rated. So that hasn’t changed.

But in Switzerland the authorities will not issue a Work Permit for ski instructors who only hold a UK passport – because there is no trade deal yet.

Italy offer some options to work however, and you can still go to places like Japan and Canada and work too.

We do now know that you can come from the UK and stay all winter – you will need a special permit but we can help make all this happen. It doesn’t allow you to work but you can ski all winter and won’t be restricted to 90 days.





Ski instructor courses with work


The great thing about the BASI qualification system is that it’s recognised all over the world. So, we can put you in touch with ski schools all over the place – from Japan to Europe to Canada.

That means that with the BASI Level 1 and 2 you are already starting from a strong position when you apply. The BASI qualifications are globally regarded as a solid and professional level because you are examined in all areas of skiing and teaching.

Naturally it’s a competitive marketplace, and to stand-out from the crowd you have to create the right impression. On your course we will cover who to talk to, as well as how to talk to them, during our employment workshops.

After all, having run ski schools for nearly twenty years, we also know what impresses us when we see an application.

We’ve also spent 20 years developing a network of contacts, and that reputation means we have been able to agree close partnerships with ski schools across Japan, Canada and Europe. These companies will guarantee an interview to all applicants and recruit directly from Peak Leaders for their winter season.

All our partners are looking for full time instructors, so even though you are on a zero hours contract as an instructor, you will receive a good amount of work through the season.

As you can imagine, in the skiing industry there’s no such thing as a guaranteed job – all jobs are always be subject to passing your qualifications and an interview process.

But with the right contacts if you create the right impression you’re already in a great place to get hired.

For our Pre-season courses we can even help you apply for jobs before you join the courses as many of our partner schools start recruiting directly from Peak Leaders during the summer.

It’s a massive opportunity for anyone looking at doing a GAP course and it means you already have your foot in the door (or maybe even a job) when you join your Peak Leaders course.


Once you’ve completed the course then you have a number of options.

Throughout the course your trainers and mentors will have been talking to you about the possibility of applying for a ski school job with your new qualification, as well as what you can do if you decide you don’t want to teach for the remainder of the season.

We’ve built a strong relationship with Les Elfes International and they have become our partner school.

Whilst they do not guarantee every single Peak Leaders trainee an interview, they will interview every trainee that shows promise, is keen and professional and shows the Peak Leaders coaches that they will be a good candidate.

They also work with us on the Verbier course to provide the shadowing hours required by BASI before your Level 2 exam – and this shadowing is another excellent opportunity to impress and get interviewed.

They also have schools in Crans Montana and La Tzoumaz (as well as some weeks in Zermatt on the glacier after the winter finishes…). So you even have the option of moving further afield to finish your winter.

But if you are looking at other schools – both in Verbier and beyond – we are very happy to advise and use our extensive network of contacts to see how we can help you take that next step.

Ski instructor gap course job opportunities with Les Elfes

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Our partners, Element Ski School, also run a Level 3 training programme in Verbier. So if you’re planning on making a career from ski instructing we recommend continuing and advancing your training by aiming to complete the BASI Level 3 ISIA.

The Concept training package has been designed to fit around the BASI Level 3 calendar of exams and gives you the chance to work while you train for your next level in the ski instructing.

It’s a the perfect way to take your skiing forward, developing the skills and technique that you’ve been working on during your Peak Leaders course.




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