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You still have time qualify and spend this winter teaching skiing.

If you just had A-Level results and aren’t sure what to do next, then a season on the slopes would be the perfect next step.

And qualifying with us in Saas Fee is a great option and the perfect platform for your season.

So, to get started and find out more about how to get the best job in the world, just read on…



Ski teaching jobs this winter




As you can imagine, where you work depends on your passport.

But if you have a British passport the door is open to teaching in Japan, Canada and now in Italy.

If you have an EU passport then you can work in Switzerland.

But whichever country you head for afterwards, Sass Fee is the perfect resort to qualify this autumn.

So what’s involved?



Teach skiing in Japan flag



Japan gives you a great option – you can work and travel and discover an amazing culture whilst you’re at it.

You will need to apply for a Visa but you still have time.

But first you should apply for jobs with Japanese ski schools and they will help you through the process.

For example you can’t apply for the Visa more than three months before you enter the country – which means you don’t start applying for a Visa until early September.

You’ll need to go to the embassy and they hold your passport whilst you process your visa.

(And you need your passport to get to Saas Fee on October 1st…).

We’ve got some great contacts in Japan who are guaranteeing jobs to our best trainees in Saas Fee…



Teach skiing in Canada flag



A season in Canada never disappoints.

And to work in this amazing country is fairly straight forwards.

First you need to apply for your Visa – it’s a pool system but it’s usually likely to get a place.

But you need to apply for the Visa asap – by the end of August.

Then you start contacting our partner ski schools in Canada who also have jobs reserved for the most promising Saas Fee trainees.



Teach skiing in Italy flag



In certain areas of Italy there is a new rule that you can work up to 80 days as a ski instructor.

So if you get your BASI 1 and 2 with us in Saas Fee you can head to Italy for the peak weeks – in fact most of the season.

The package is great – you get a wage, accommodation, a lift pass, food and a travel allowance.

Plus the ski school will help you apply for a permit and do the admin with you.

This has just been confirmed so contact us for details.



Saas Fee ski instructor training group



The Swiss resort of Saas Fee is one of our favourite places to ski.

And it’s not just us – the place is full of race teams and freestyles getting their pre-season training in.

The atmosphere is amazing, the conditions are brilliant and naturally you’ll be supported by our top qualified team of coaches through out.

And that includes helping you get work as well as getting you up to the exam standards.




If you like the sound of this then we should definitely have a chat.

But you can read more below – you’ll find a ton of information.

And if you have any questions just get in touch.