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17 July – 04 September 2021




Your course start date is getting nearer!

Have you got all of your kit organised? It is definitely best to arrive with all of your kit so you are ready to go on the first mountain day. As always just get in touch for any advice on skis and ski kit, etc.



Your course dates are inclusive – so you need to arrive in resort on the start date (not the day before) and leave on the last date.

People often ask if they need to arrive early – and if you want to do this then we can certainly help make arrangements. But normally the course schedule is designed for every to start on day one.

We usually get everyone settled in on the first day, then we have an orientation and team meeting on the second day, with ski training starting on the third day.

Your course then ends on the last date of the course – which is also when your accommodation ends if you’re on a catered package. So if you want to stay longer please let us know well in advance and we can help get things arranged.



You can find a lot information here in the members area, but if you have and extra questions or you’re not sure about something please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



We need this as soon as you can realistically get it to us – but that’s when you have all the information… It’s basically all the vital information we need, from any dietary requirements to who to contact in an emergency.

But as we know most people are busy finalising details for a while after booking, we usually ask for it once you have got flight information. In fact we’ll send a quick email checking if you’ve got the information ready at the 12 week mark.

Just click here when you have all the information.


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It is hugely beneficial to your skiing progress while on the course to be fit and strong. While on the course you will receive fitness training, however, it is much more advantageous to have a decent level of fitness prior to the course starting. So have a good look at the Fitness page of the Members Area to help you hit the ground running when you land in resort.

Remember to bring trainers and fitness kit for your fitness training sessions on the course.

Read more about fitness in the dedicated Members Area Fitness section.


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Please make sure that you are on a Piste ski which is no wider than 80mm under foot.

You are welcome to bring a second set of twin tips or powder skis with you, but we strongly advise you to train on more of a performance ski. But that doesn’t mean you should get race skis – please don’t as they tend to be far too stiff and not versatile enough.

Ideally your skis should have a radius between 13m and 16m.

If you are not sure which skis to purchase if you need to for the course, then please contact us and we would be very happy to give you advice.

Read more about equipment in the dedicated Members Area Equipment section.


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We need to know when you arrive and what time…  So if you weren’t able to add it to your pre-course information when you sent it, then please send an email to us to confirm your travel details as soon as you have them confirmed.

And if you haven’t sent us your pre-course information then please send it as soon as you can.



Booking the right flights to Bariloche is a tricky business, so we always recommend asking us if you’re not sure about anything.

One of the most important factors is making sure you get to Bariloche to meet our transfers.

These times aren’t currently confirmed so to find out more just call us or drop an email and we will help make sure we have a transfer ready for you.



PLEASE check the baggage allowances and arrangements with your airline in advance. It can often save a lot of money if you book extra bags on before check in.

If you are flying with British Airways it is recommended that you book any additional baggage via the BA website before departure. The standard allowance is 23kg – which can be either luggage or skis, but it is most likely you will all have both, in which case please book an extra bag in advance.

The local flight to Bariloche might have an extra admin fee for luggage – your airline or travel agent will advise you about this. As we understand it there is a small fee to pay at the airport.


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We realise that everyone works off their own budget…so here are some pointers to help you work out how much to bring with you. Around £1500 should hopefully be plenty.

Budget for the following:

  • Optional trips (more info on this will follow)
  • 2 x dinners per week (not included in hotel) – you can sample some of Bariloche’s fantastic restaurants! (You’ll get a great dinner and drinks for around £20)
  • Lunches – around £10 up the mountain. You are also able to make lunch in the apartments to take with you.
  • Any other refreshments you may require (beers are around £3 each).
  • A ski locker at the base of Caterdral is US$170 – this is well worth budgeting for.
  • There is a swimming pool close by which you can use for a small charge.



Most people visiting Argentina at the moment take with them US dollars to exchange for Pesos. If you are happy with carrying some of your spending money as cash; it is beneficial for you to have US$ to change to pesos as the rate is much better than withdrawing from a UK account. This is really up to you. There are safes in the hotel. While we do understand the benefits we are also stress you need to be aware of the risks of carrying large amounts of cash.

There is a 300 Peso withdrawal limit (approx £40) from some Argentinean ATMs so remember this when planning your money. ATM availability is generally good but you should not rely solely on using international debit cards bearing the cirrus logo to access funds. You are advised, therefore, to ensure you carry alternative forms of payment, including a credit card (accepted in most hotels and major shops and restaurants) and travellers cheques.



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BASI no longer require a criminal disclosure before you can be issued with a license. If you need a criminal records disclosure it might be requested by your employer.



As part of your BASI course you will be required to complete a BASI online module named “Safeguarding Children”. This is included in your Peak Leaders course fee and will be completed on the course with your mentor.



Any candidates who fail the BASI Level 1 must be re-assessed before attending the Level 2 course. If you do not pass the Level 1, you will be required to pass a Level 1 resit (normally 1 day in duration unless you fail the entire Level 1) before being permitted to take the Level 2 exam. This Level 1 resit will be at an additional cost to you. The cost will be a resit fee plus the cost of a trainer’s expenses (divided by the amount of people taking the resit).

Please note that if you fail both teaching and technical elements of the Level 1 exam you will be required to resit the full 1 week exam before you can do the level 2 exam.

Most people do tend to pass the Level 1 but the above is even more reason to make sure you do! Remember the first few weeks of training are very important and it is well worth
putting the effort in then to ensure you pass your level 1 and are prepared for Level 2.



Everything has recently gone online with BASI – so as soon as you are registered with BASI you should receive a login code for your profile. You need to download the BASI app to access the manual – and it’s really important to do this before you get to Argentina.

If you would prefer to order a hardback copy then you can contact them directly to order this.


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The course is designed to get you qualified in time for the Northern Hemisphere winter.

If you’re planning on working after the course, you’ll need to start thinking about jobs as early as you can. So before you come away on the course, have an idea in mind of where you want to work – Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Canada or America? Think about specific resorts too.

Many schools start to receive CVs over the summer and autumn. REMEMBER that if you want to work in Canada, Japan or America, you will need to obtain a VISA, and we recommend applying for this before the course starts to allow as much time as possible.

Your course leader will help you with your plans and will have a chat with everyone in the first couple of weeks of the course. Ask your trainers for advice, if they are particularly impressed with you, they may even recommend you for a job!

Read more about getting a job in the dedicated Members Area Employment section.


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Some tips on travel in Argentina provided by Foreign & Commonwealth Office are as follows:

  • When out and about on some of our trips you will need a photocopy of your passport details. Please do this before you depart and bring it with you.
  • Most visits to Argentina are trouble free. However, you should keep a close eye on your personal belongings and hold on to them in public places such as internet cafes, and train and bus stations where distraction thefts can occur.
  • You should not become involved with drugs of any kind. Possession of even very small quantities can lead to a minimum four and a half year prison sentence.
  • If you have specific conditions (e.g. diabetes), you should bring a sufficient quantity of medical supplies and medicines with you for the entire trip.
  • “The FCO is encouraging British travellers to access current, country specific travel advice by subscribing to their free email alert service or by following the FCO on social media via Twitter or Facebook.”
  • Although there are no compulsory vaccinations required for Argentina it is always a good idea to take your Doctor’s advice, as they will have access to the most up to date requirements.


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The wearing of helmets is mandatory for the training sessions, terrain park work and freestyle. It is not ideal being back at home nursing an injury when everyone else is up to their necks in powder. Skiing off-piste is prohibited unless with a qualified guide. Always ski with another course member.



You must be properly insured. Proof of insurance is required by Peak Leaders prior to your departure. An EHIC Card alone (or a GHIC) is not enough – although it is definitely a good idea to get an EHIC/GHIC card if you are eligible well before you travel.

You will not be able to start your training until we have a copy!

Read more about insurance for your course here.

You should have cover for:

  • Medical expenses *
  • Personal liability *
  • Skiing and off-piste skiing cover *
  • Accidental injury †
  • Evacuation from the mountain †
  • Repatriation †
  • Cancelation / curtailment †
  • Personal possessions †
  • Cancelation / curtailment

* Mandatory for your course
† Suggested extra cover

Please note: We you will do some “race training” but many insurance companies get confused with competitive racing. So, to be clear, the course includes race training but this is effectively piste skiing as you are on marked pistes with an instructor. If you are covered for piste skiing you will be covered for the race training element of the training.


Please pay close attention to the curtailment part of your policy, which applies if you have to leave the course early for any reason. Not all insurers include this and it is very, very important if you cannot complete the course due to illness or injury. The curtailment cover will ensure you can claim back the course fees if this happens as no refunds will be possible from Peak Leaders (as money is paid in advance for services in resort and is impossible to recover).


We recommend talking to a number of providers for options on policies, and we can’t advise you on which policy is best.

But we know who trainees have used in the past, so a few people worth contacting are listed below. Remember some might only work if you are a UK passport holder or UK resident, so always check.:

Specific Ski instructor training and seasonaire packages*. Click here to get a quote.

World Nomads
General travel insurance for all sorts of outdoor activities and travel – includes non-UK residents

Travel insurance that includes winter sports

*The MPI policy has an upgrade for curtailment to make sure you are covered for the full course fee – they suggest the “Excel” package as well as the extra cancelation option

Once you have arranged your policy please keep all the details safe so that you can access them if required on the course.


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Through the course there will be extra activities and excursions available to you, the details of these ‘Bolt-Ons’ will be emailed out to you shortly, and available to book prior to going to Argentina if you wish.

During the course there are a number of options you can choose from. We will send you an information sheet separately and you will be able to have a think about what you would like to do. You will be reminded of these at the start of the course and you should budget accordingly. If you’d prefer to ski some more that’s fine too.


The main accommodation is Refugio del Lago, a small complex of apartments nestled in the forest and with terraces that run right down to Lake Gutierrez. Breakfast and evening meals 5 times per week will also be eaten here.

There is a laundry service close by out of the apartments, this costs 150 pesos (approx. $6) per bag.


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Your course leader / mentor will be one of our coaches who will already be in Bariloche when you arrive.

They will have a lot of experience in the Snowsport industry, and they are there to make sure you get the most out of your course and will be in touch before the course starts.

Out in Argentina our partners who run the course will make sure everything is organised and arranged. Ivan, is a local who has run the course for 18 years so he is very knowledgeable.

The whole team out there are massively approachable, and are there to ensure you have the most incredible experience on your course.

More contacts details and updates will be sent by email in the week prior to departure – PLEASE CHECK YOUR INBOX DAILY.


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Please note that while we work hard and play hard on this course, BASI professional standards of personal conduct will prevail from day 1 of your Peak Leaders Course. This means that you need to be in the right place daily at the right time with the right gear and right attitude. Remember you should look like an instructor – neat and professional. Drinking to excess, drug taking, loud behaviour and run ins with the local police are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Previous groups have fitted in really well with the locals and made great friends and a great name for themselves.

You will be asked to sign an additional conduct agreement at the initial briefing.


If you haven’t already, please become friends with Peak Leaders on Facebook. This allows us to add you to the course group.

Remember this is not the same as our Peak Leaders fan page – this is a pretend “person” so we can all be in touch.

If you’re on Instagram please follow us – and if you aren’t you really should get an account… You’ll find our account here.

We’ll be putting up cool images of all our courses and you can have a look at what to expect before your course starts to get you excited about your trip.



We will be in touch before the course, but please don’t wait for us if you have a question – we are always very happy to help and make sure you’re comfy with every aspect of your course.

Get in touch using the form on this page or click here – or just call (0041) 79 272 52 30.

Please Note: Course details may be subject to change due to local conditions.



Our main Swiss number:
+41 (0) 79 272 52 30




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