New Zealand Ski & Snowboard Instructor Course 2013 – Week 1

  To say that the start of the Peak Leaders New Zealand course didn’t get off to a dramatic start would be an understatement! Descending through the mountains, along the Kawarau River, narrowly missing the bus on its way up to The Remarkables ski area, and landing at Queenstown Airport gave the course trainees some of the most breath-taking views they’d ever seen. As they […]

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Safe Arrival in Queenstown, New Zealand

  You’ll be happy to hear that all of our 2013 trainee ski and snowboard instructors travelling down to Queenstown, New Zealand, this summer have arrived safely. The next few days will involve experienced course leader ‘Big T’ showing the guys and girls around the town, showing them the resorts where they’ll be training……and introducing them to the culinary delights of Fergburger and Fergbaker! There […]

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Banff Ski Instructor Course – Week 9

Susie’s birthday arrived this week complete with cake, candles, balloons and a dayglo themed night out on the town! Unsurprisingly some very big shapes were busted out on the Aurora Club dance floor after free birthday champagne was pored out courtesy of the management. Birthday girl Susie and Geordie Alex only seemed to have one dance speed together ……….the slooow variety! With more fresh snow […]

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6 Amazing years – An interview with Charlotte Grant

It takes many years of blood sweat and tears to earn a degree in law or medicine but you’re not always guaranteed a career at the end that makes you smile. Some people would argue that the substantial wage is ample compensation but others would argue that there’s a big old world out there that needs to be seen and experienced. One of those people […]

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New Zealand Ski and Snowboard Instructor Course – Final Week

All good things must come to an end, and sadly this blog concludes our 2012 ski and snowboard instructor course in New Zealand.  It’s been a fantastic nine weeks; “awesome” was the most frequently used description among the trainees.  Congratulations to all of our successful (now level 2) ski and snowboard instructors; everyone’s riding and skiing skills have come on leaps and bounds. The skiers […]

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